The Bad Arm:
Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer

Written and performed by Maire Clerkin

Directed by Dan OʼConnor 

 By Brooke Alberts


Tonight is the last chance to catch this comedic dance-driven tale of identity crisis and coming of age as an English-born Irish girl in London. Dancer/Writer/Choreographer Maire Clerkinʼs one-woman autobiographical presentation is at times poignant and at times hysterically funny. She is able to channel her younger self at various stages of development and to elucidate the moments when life to her was just not fair. No longer need she hold in her feelings of inequities, she is free to entertain her audiences with them - with each incidence diffused by a humorous moment.

She makes effective use of well-chosen music recordings, as well as a projection screen (for some telling family photos) to set the scene for her dance-punctuated play. For those not habituated to the world of Irish dance competitions, she gives some idea as to what the dancers, teachers and judges are up against, and for those who are familiar with feis culture, itʼs a kick and a half (so to speak). The characterizations of various of her dance students and their mothers I thought were the most amusing and (as a one-time Irish dance mother myself) spot-on.

Bang Theatre, 457 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tonight is the last night- 8 PM Thursday Sept. 18th


Tickets: $12.00 through online booking:

$14.00 at the door.