By Carl Gage

SabrinaCraig_One_HomeOne_Heart.jpgBy the time I realized I wasn't listening to a Segovia record, I remembered what a masterful finger-style guitar player Craig Lincoln is. Seconds later, I remembered the beautifully tight harmonies that I have come to expect when Sabrina and Craig sing, and the opening song, Sabrina's Make You Mine demonstrates that wonderfully.

Craig's humor abounds in Little White Lies and the painfully cute Cats & Dogs, while Sabrina's shines in Help Wanted and her car song, Mine All Mine.

The title track is hauntingly melodic and the lyrics parse the Chinese symbol for love. "" consists of a heart, inside of "accept," "feel," or "perceive," and it may also be interpreted as a hand offering ones heart to another hand. A very imaginative message as well as a beautiful composition.

Both Sabrina and Craig pay homage to their mothers with Craig's Call Your Mom and Sabrina's Mama's Hands. And I think most of our mothers, as well as the rest of the family will like this album. The excellent variety of material, the musicianship and arrangements, the great sound engineered by Ronan Chris Murphy and the solid songwriting all come together with some of the best two-part harmonies in my recollection.

I, for one can't get enough of solid finger-style guitar and Craig delivers once more in the closing ragtime tune Uncle Harold which also ends with a slick treatment of You Are My Sunshine.

With slices of soft rock, bossa nova, jazz, blues, ragtime and love songs, One Home, One Heart was, and is every time I play it, a delight in every sense of the word and should be added to the collections of all who love great, listenable, ultimately enjoyable music delivered as a joy to the ear.

Carl Gage is a singer-songwriter, musician and writer based in Simi Valley, CA.  He is seldom paid but overly-active in the acoustic music community serving as a director for the Topanga Banjo«Fiddle Contest and Songmakers, Inc., managing web sites for the FAR-West Folk Alliance, Songmakers and Topanga, emceeing on the main stage at Topanga and other musical events throughout the year, and writing occasional articles for FolkWorks, The Bard Chord and other publications.