Top 10 2009 (Plus a couple of extras)

By Roz Larman

1. Loudon Wainwright III

High Wide & Handsome The Charlie Poole Project

2. Martin Simpson

True Stories

3. Laura Love & Orville Johnson

The Sweeter The Juice

4. Loreena McKennett

A Mediterranean Odyssey

5. Susan Mckeown & Lorin Sklamberg

Saints & Tzaaiks

6. Liz Carroll John Doyle

Double Play

7. Mick Moloney

If It Wasn't For The Irish And The Jews

8. Battlefield Band

Zama Zama Try Your Luck

9. Nathan Rogers

The Gauntlet

10. Geoff Muldaur

Texas Sheiks

11. James Keelaghan

House Of Cards

12. The best concert I saw this year:
Loud & Rich "Loudon Wainwright & Richard Thompson" at UCLA Live! (Royce Hall)


Happy Holidays

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