Top Ten  2009 (in no particular order)

By Linda Dewar

1. CD: Harp I Do - Corrina Hewat (Big Bash Records (Big Bash Records BBRCD016)

Celtic harp with a jazz influence

2. CD: The Baltic tae Byzantium - Brian McNeill (Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX341)

Sequel to his brilliant Back o' the North Wind live show and CD

3. CD: Fishing Up The Moon - Nick Keir (Laverock Records LRK3)

Another solo album from the "middle guy" of the McCalmans, his best yet.

4. CD: This Earthly Spell - Karine Polwart (Hegri Music HEGRICD04)

Every track is great; Sorry is probably the best anti-war protest song since Eric Bogle's Waltzing Matilda

5. Live Gig: Eric Bogle's "Waltzing Matilda No More" farewell tour

The last tour he'll do outside Australia, and he was brilliant

6. Live Gig: Katy Moffatt at Glenfarg Folk Club

You know the gig will be good when every great musician in the county turns up to hear it.

7. Live Gig: Corinna Hewat, Annie Grace, and Karine Polwart

When these three perform as a trio, it's magic. They keep promising an album is in the works, so keep looking for it.

8. Online Radio: Celtic Music Radio

Great music, terrific volunteer DJ's, and they are great about giving airplay to new artists

9. Venue: Glenfarg Folk Club

Regular meeting space, in the downstairs pub at The Glenfarg Hotel.

10. Songwriter: Ian Walker

Some of the most brilliant lyrics I've ever heard.