1. Rose Room – Rose Room  (Artist, CD & Live Gig)
    Swing jazz with a dash of western swing. A new band made up of seasoned professionals. Their first CD is a winner, and their live gigs are supercharged with energy that has the audience dancing in their seats.
  2. Nick Keir – The Edge of Night (CD)
    If you told me I could keep only one of the CDs I’ve acquired during 2012, this would be the one.
  3. Blackwaterside - Blythe and Merry (CD)
    recorded live in a concert presented by San Diego Folk Heritage. Their arrangements breathe new life into familiar songs and tunes.
  4. Treacherous OrchestraOrigins (CD)
    Loud, audacious and brilliant. If you love Brother and Wicked Tinkers, this is the next step.
  5. Session A9Session A9 (CD)
    Scottish trad/jazz fusion supergroup. One of the first, and for my money the best.
  6. Alistair Ogilvy - Leaves Sae Green (CD)
    He may be a young man, but he sings traditional ballads like an old soul.
  7. Nuala Kennedy - Noble Stranger (CD)
    She’s best known as a whistle player, but this CD also showcases her singing. A great example of the direction that Scottish music has been taking for the past few years.
  8. Lori Watson’s Rule of ThreePleasure’s Coin (CD)
    Released in 2009, but new to me. Lori, her brother Innes and box player John Sommerville sounding brilliant together.
  9. The Simon Fraser Collection (Printed Music)
    The official description is: The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles chiefly acquired during the interesting period from 1715 to 1745 through authentic sources detailed in the extensive notes and introduction. Compiled by Simon Fraser of Knockie, 1816 it was known in the 19th century as the "Knockie Collection". I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had playing my way through some of the tunes in this book.
  10. It’s a tie—Celtic Connections or Perthshire Amber: The Dougie MacLean Festival (Events)
    They’re both brilliant in the same way... the concerts, the ‘extra’ events like open mics and walking tours, the sessions, the workshops...