Larry Brown

A peerless craftsman and gentle jewel of a person.

Larry Brown Larry was a brilliant acoustic instrument luthier/repairman. His work on acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, and the like was a delight to behold. He always knew what needed to be done and the best way to do it. If you have ever entrusted your beloved instruments to someone and experienced the care, impeccable judgement, and exquisite workmanship of a true craftsman who honored music and musicians, then you know a little about what letting Larry work on your stuff was like. From his days at McCabe’s, to his own place, to his shop above Boulevard Music, there have been many who would trust their instruments to no one else. A trip to Larry’s to hang out and discuss music, musicians, instruments, and life was always a joy. His friendship and his talent will be greatly missed.



He Mended Wooden Hearts

(read at Larry Brown's memorial service Saturday, January 12, 2008)

Went to Brownie's house today

Had something on my mind

Needed to remember times

When life seemed much more kind

He mended wooden hearts with strings

Antique angels bowed with wings

Sad little children, how he did adore

Sitting, standing, lined up waiting... there on Larry's floor

I went in back and ran upstairs

But something felt different from before

There was a sign taped to the wall

Said, “Closed For Evermore