March-April 2017

Old-Time Music and Art in Los Angeles:

Photographs and a Campaign

By David Bragger

The last two months have seen another serious spike in Los Angeles-based old-time musical happenings. The Old-Time Tiki Parlour just hosted an epic concert featuring Foghorn Stringband in January. Foghorn rarely comes to Los Angeles, so this was an unexpected surprise for veterans and newbies of the LA old-time scene. The band lit the place on fire to a packed sold-out house. Earlier in the day, they recorded at the Tiki Parlour for a monumental secret project. (I can’t wait to let the cat out of THAT bag in about a year!) As a concert opener, Foghorn and yours truly led a rollicking old-time jam. We all had such a rocking time so I'll let you in on a little secret: Foghorn will be coming out again on Sept

Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms at Tiki Parlour Concert - photo by David Bragger
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In February, Spencer & Rains flew to Los Angeles under very special circumstances. They brought out the six-piece version of their band featuring the talents of Georgia’s Nancy & Charlie Hartness (guitar and uke) and the Bay area’s Brendan Doyle (banjo) and Emily Mann on bass. The band performed another sold out show, preceded by one of the largest jams in Tiki Parlour history! They brought their wonderful old-time-inspired art and presented many teasers of their upcoming project. In addition to the concert, Spencer & Rains attended my UCLA Old-Time Ensemble and presented a master class. They taught, performed and jammed with the bruins for a night. Their funky version of a tune called “Creek’s All Muddy” is now part of the UCLA repertoire! While the group was out, we filmed a short video for this very special project, soon to be released by the Tiki Parlour. 

Spencer & Rains are combining their joint talents as musicians and artists for a special musical book release, The Skeleton Keys. This 40-page book will contain artwork that represents every track of their new album. This book will be printed on an old-time letter press printer and an offset printer. It will be one of the most unique releases in old-time history. Check out their KICKSTARTER campaign HERE

Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer at Timewarp
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