March-April 2009

Unlike every other CD I have, it has transformed into a completely different recording every six months or so. As I learn and teach more traditional fiddle music, I discover new subtleties that were waiting in secret until the next listen. Often I like to put the CD away for a few months just to see what happens when I pull it back out and unearth those digital drones and elusive melodies.

One of the tracks The Wild Goose Chase is a version Bruce Greene put together from various sources. It is one of the best tunes I've ever heard. Again, this lesson is for the intermediate player who has a grasp on traditional bowing and the ability to find notes by ear. As always I've included a slow rendition with bowing hollered out and without variations. Enjoy.

1. "The Wild Goose Chase" - Tuning GDGD (moderate tempo)
2. "The Wild Goose Chase" - Tuning (Slow with Bowing)


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